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Improvements in reporters

  • Spec reporter now prefixes the pinned tests with the PINNED label for better visual feedback.
  • The base reporter now displays the tests summary in compact mode.

Base reporter release notes
Spec reporter release notes


New plugin - @japa/expect-type

The expect-type plugin allows you to write assertions for the static TypeScript types. Think of them as additional guards to ensure that during refactoring you are not messing up with the types a method returns or accepts.

Plugin documentation


New reporter - @japa/dot-reporter

The dot reporter is a minimalist reporter that displays a dot for each passing test and a cross for each failing test. You might consider using the dot reporter in a CI workflow to keep the output clean.

Reporter documentation


Improvements to filtering layer

The @japa/runner version 2.1.0 brings improvements to the filtering layer of the tests runner. It improves performance since the parent layers do not run when all the children are filtered out.

For example: If you apply a filter that disables all the tests within a group, that group will not execute its hooks. Earlier it was not the case.

View release notes


Launch official VSCode extension

Julien from the core team created the VSCode extension to run individual tests and all tests inside a file directly from your code editor.

Download Extension
Support Julien on Github


Youtube session with Kelvin Omereshone

During our Youtube session, we build a dummy RESTful API using AdonisJS. Also, we use the Japa API client and OpenAPI testing feature to test our API endpoints.

Link to the session video


New integration - @japa/preset-adonis

The AdonisJS integration creates a bridge between AdonisJS and Japa. Also, the AdonisJS packages can resolve Japa classes from the IoC container to further extend them during the lifecycle of an AdonisJS app.

Integration repo


New plugin - @japa/api-client

The API client plugin of Japa makes it super simple to test your API endpoints over HTTP. You can use it to test any HTTP endpoint that returns JSON, XML, HTML, or even plain text.

Plugin repo
API client docs


Mentioned in the Github release radar post

We are thankful to Github for mentioning Japa in their monthly release radar post 🙏

Link to release radar post


Support for dynamic test titles

Tests using datasets can now reference values of the current iteration within the test title.

In the following example, you access the email property by wrapping it inside the single curly braces.

test('validate email - {email}')
email: '',
email: ' (Joe Smith)'
.run(({ assert }, { email }) => {

View release notes
Learn more about dynamic test titles


Support for test suites

Test suites allow you to organize your tests by their type. For example, you can create separate suites for unit tests and functional tests.

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Learn more about suites


Rewrite from scratch

Japa has received a massive rewrite, and all the packages have been moved to the @japa npm scope. The existing package japa is replaced with @japa/runner.